Monday, January 24, 2011

Rodney Jordan - Sir Galahad incarnate

Last Friday evening many, many people from all walks came together to celebrate Rodney Jordan's birthday - and raise more than $500 for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.

During the celebration, I asked one of my typical birthday questions, "What's the most significant event for you this past year?"

Rodney's response: "This night, having all of these people here, this community."


I believe that tells you exactly what kind of person Rodney is - he is all about the community - at our roundtable, Rodney jordan is Sir Galahad - pure of heart and ever galant (fyi, I'm labeling myself as the town crier in this little analogy).

Here's the thing, I don't know if many people really know just how much Rodney does - from organizing events to putting people and organizations together to supporting hundreds of people in the area - Rodney was the first person to step up to lead the Community Matters Networking Group, Rodney put together (and primarily funded) the first Social Media Train in Delaware - oh yea, and for anyone who has benefitted from using the hashtag #netde, yea, Rodney started that.

It is safe to say that most people in our community owe a debt of gratitude to Rodney - I know I do.

And when I look at how much he has done in just the last couple of years I've known him, I can't wait to see how much will be accomplished in the coming years!


  1. Rodney lives with a commitment to others that we can all learn from.

  2. Rodney, Thanks for bringing so many of us together with the #netde hashtag. *clap, clap, clap*

    The world of the internet can be isolating. Anything we can do to bring people together online or in person helps keep community bonds strong.

    I bow to Sir Galahad, creator of #netde

  3. Def NOT the Sir Rodney in the Wizard of ID
    ( comics).
    The movies have 'BraveHeart', we have 'BigHeart'.
    Thanks Rodney.

  4. So honored to call Rodney my friend. He's tireless in his effort to support the community - both virtual and physical.

    Thank you for sharing your birthday with us, Rodney. As with all you do, it was stupendous!

  5. Rodney is a true inspiration. He is the epitome of what makes Delaware great. His commitment to community and others should be an inspiration to all of us. Rodney, you deserve the Dream, Believe, Dare and Do award!

  6. Priscilla RakestrawJanuary 24, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    What a fun evening.......even for the people who didn't know Rodney and came anyway! On behalf of DBCC, we thank Rodney and all his friends for joining in the fight against breast cancer! Rodney, you're quite a guy...thank you for caring and sharing!!

    Priscilla and Caitlin
    Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

  7. Prediction: Rodney Jordan is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient in the making. Committed to shining a positive light not only on what's being done in Delaware but what CAN be done, Rodney has a great perspective for what benefits the higher good and never looks for accolades for what he's aaccomplished. I never dreamed how far his concept for Network Delaware would go when he conceived of it 2 years ago. Today, Rodney's idea links an entire network of friends through social media with reach all the way up to the Governor of Delaware's office. In my opinion, Rodney is a true humanitarian and visionary. I'm honored to be his friend.