Thursday, January 7, 2010

Delaware Business Ledger story on Social Media Initiative!

The Delaware Business Ledger has just published an awesome article about the Delaware Social Media Initiative!

Here's some excerpts:

It is already apparent that Delaware may be ahead of the curve, based on the widespread use of social networking tools, with large companies such as DuPont, ING Direct and AstraZeneca having a Twitter presence. State government is also on board with various agencies using Twitter.

“I think it is a wonderful idea for Delaware to innovate, as a small state, and as a close knit community we have a lot more opportunity to do that than most states," writes Maya. J. Paveza, a Realtor for Coldwell Banker Preferred, who also does social media consulting work.

One of the more enthusiastic supporters of the initiative is Rebecca Faber, president and CEO of the World Trade Center of Delaware. Faber uses Twitter to keep in touch with a far-flung network of world trade centers and is known for tweeting at conferences and networking events.

"Consider that just by having that (social network) message being told and repeated via social media, itself an innovative tool, this message of Delaware being friendly to innovation and business will look to be quite valid. Consider that this message could reach people looking for a place to do business in the U.S. or to invest, to send their children to school, to move their company," Faber writes

Click Here to read the complete article!

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