Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are You Willing To Lead?

Do you use some form of Social Media right now (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, e-mail, etc.)? Are you willing to help others get up to speed? You don't have to be an "expert" - you just need to be someone who uses these tools and can help walk other people through the early steps to get them set up.

If you are willing to help, simply post your name, what you use regularly, and the best way for people to reach you.


Oh, and if you already have a web site, blog, facebook page, or anything else already set up - please post that, too!


  1. I am a Delaware attorney that uses Social Media on a regular basis. My name is Steven Butler.

    I use Twitter and my blog most often, but also use LinkedIn, Facebook and email to communicate with others.

    I am happy to provide any help that I can. Best way to contact me is through Twitter:

    Twitter: (@DisabilityGuy) http://twitter.com/DisabilityGuy
    Company Blog: http://delawaredisability.com/blog
    Personal Blog: http://stevenbutler.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteveButler
    LinkedIn: http://linkedIn.com/in/SteveButlerDelaware

  2. I am a Delaware Realtor - Kathy Sperl-Bell -that is using social media and doing my best to learn as much as possisble about these new technologies. I am meeting the best business people this way that are willing to help others achieve their goals. If I can help you, please contact me:
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/kathysperlbell
    Blog: http://blog.activeadultsdelaware.com/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/activeadultsdelaware
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathysperlbell
    Web Site: http://www.activeadultsdelaware.com

  3. I am a Principal of a sustainable Architecture, Land Planning, and Engineering Group. I have been using Social Networking - to some extent - since March 2009. I got more adept in the Summer and have been increasing my knowledge and volume. Dave Burris and I have gotten to be good friends so I have followed a number of his examples. Through this, I have gotten a good amount of work for Element and more importantly, improved brand recognition.

    Here are some of my sites:






    These are the sources that we at Element maintain and keep going. Let me know if there is anything that I can help with - I have enjoyed setting all of this up, gaining new contacts and pushing this in an industry that doesn't really do this often. We have used it to portray us a real people - which is attractive to customers that may be intimidated by Architecture. It is also an amazing way (as you know) to get information about something you are doing to a lot of people instantly.

  4. I'm a blogger that can be pretty beligerent at times. I was booted off of Delawareliberal because of my views and opinions. so I'm not for everyone....

    I also am a marketing analyst and I know a lot about google ads, search engine marketing, optimization and email campaigns.

    You'd be surprised what I can do :)

  5. I am a digital publisher who uses social media to help my advertisers and clients. Teaching small businesses to succeed with DIY marketing and online communication is my passion. Getting ready to publish the "Social Media Starter Kit" in January.


  6. Glad to help. Count me in.

  7. I a local Business Developer for a Delaware small business and a productive networker of people and business. I am committed to social media and have been for close to a year and a half. I have begun a platform specifically for this initiative. It is called Network Delaware. It has not other motivation than to be the highest mountain online to shout news about people,events, businesses, communities and every else that affects Delawareans. There is not motivation, except to elevate Delaware on the worlds radar as a great place to live and do business. I can be found at:

    Facebook Group: Network Delaware

    Twitter Account: @NetworkDelaware

  8. This is great--I'd love to help. I use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    Best way to reach me is through Twitter (http://twitter.com/FPullam) or gmail (fpullam).